Pauline and the TLC furbabies have had many years of practice trying out tons of pet related products and services. Here are some of the top recommended products by Pauline and her crew. A portion of each item purchased goes back to support the TLC Canine Shelter (no additional cost to you).

[az_easel item=”1505826683″] TLC Canine Center’s Cookbook: – Our very own TLC Canine Cookbook compiled by our TLC volunteers and friends. Proceeds from this book go to support current and future TLC furbabies.
[az_easel item=”0307337979″]Cesar’s Way – The natural everyday guide to understanding and correcting common dog problems

Cesar Millan has done wonders in the dog training world. While not all of his methods are best for all dogs, this basic book covers the basics on how to understand our furry friends.

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Red Cross Ready Safety – Dog First Aid

Red Cross produced a wonderful book covering the basics first aid methods for dogs. While we hope you will never need to use these, it’s a great reference for emergencies. See our blog post on pet first aid.

[az_easel item=”B00016QT7Q”]Bach Flower Remedy – a rescue remedy to relax nervous dogs

Just a few drops of this in a dog’s water can help calm nervous dogs. It also comes in a spray form.

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Canine Lullabies – see our blog post on how awesome these lullabies are!

It’s amazing how quickly just playing this music throughout the shelter can help relax nervous dogs (at people too!)

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Thunder Shirts – a comfortable snug coat

We’ve only had these in for a few weeks now, but already they are showing some promise. The tightness of the fabric creates a feeling of safety and comfort for the pup.

[az_easel item=”B0006G54OU”]Buster Cubes – a fun food challenge

These toys work great for bored dogs and fast eaters. They’re a fun way to spice up a boring feeding routine.

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Hartz Chew N’ Cleans – long lasting chew toy

These bones last a bit longer than plain bones. The plastic backing wraps around the edible bone part making those tough chewers really work to get to the good bits.

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Kongs – a treat filled toy

These toys work great for bored dogs and fast eaters. Smear some peanut butter around the edge and stick a treat at the bottom. Baby carrots also fit well for a healthy alternative.

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Squeaking Eggs – great for stuffing in socks

These are small squeaker eggs that fit great in socks. Or stuff into a old, well-loved toy for renewed squeaker fun!