I see dogs riding in the bed of moving pickup trucks on a regular basis, and I am always uneasy. Sure, the dog looks like he is having fun… ears flopping and noses testing the wind, with the freedom to look around , seemingly enjoying the trip. This common practice is NOT safe.

When you transport your dog in the open bed of a pickup, you endanger your dog and other motorists. If you have to suddenly step on the brakes , or swerve to avoid an obstacle, your dog can easily be thrown out onto the road. Tethering the dog with a restraint is not the answer. Documented cases tell of dogs restrained by leashes or harnesses that have been strangled or dragged after being thrown from a truck bed.

The American Veterinary Medical Association conducted a survey of veterinarians in Massachusetts and learned that 71% of those surveyed, reported treating almost 600 dogs the previous year as a result of riding in a truck bed. The AVMA concluded that all 592 dogs could have avoided their injuries had their caregivers had not placed them in the bed of pickups.

Some of the hazards a pet may experience while riding in the open bed of a pickup are:

  • slipping around and hitting the sides or slamming into the cab of the truck
  • falling or jumping out of the bed
  • flying debris can hit the animal

Please secure your furbaby whenever you travel.