Heartbeat Therapy for Dogs

Many of the dogs brought to the TLC are frightened and lonely. Some have been neglected or abused. Others are just confused by a strange new place with new faces, new sounds, new smells. There is nothing familiar. With no voice and no choice in their own future, they are totally dependent upon the humans who care for them.

At the TLC, we believe that kindness, gentleness, and patience can work wonders on almost all dogs. We are continually looking for ways to make life more pleasant for the furbabies, and we are bombarded with products and ideas that promise to solve just about any problem imaginable.

Most of these “quick fixes” I label “snake oil”. I have a shelf full of “snake oil” products that have been ineffective. I have several shelves full of books on “how to cure any behavior problem imaginable.” Most of them are “snake oil”; some contain at least a few good ideas, and once in a while there is a real winner.

We play classical music throughout the entire shelter. We truly believe it calms the dogs. I discussed this with a well known Veterinary animal behaviorist , and she said there was no documentation to support that. Okay. I still believe it helps. Then I discovered how specific music is being played in hospitals for newborn babies.

It’s not just any kind of soothing music that is used. It is lullaby music played to the rhythm of an actual human heartbeat. This music is used by the medical community in more than 8,000 hospitals and special care centers, simply because it works.

Independent clinical research confirms that playing Heartbeat Therapy music calms babies on life support and during painful or frightening medical procedures. It helps children who have been traumatized or abused. Is it possible that music therapy used to calm critically ill babies in a hospital could calm anxious, frightened dogs? Or is it “snake oil”?

I know we have tried dozens of products that are not very effective. Most of the CD’s that claim to “make dogs happy” are simply people-pleasers. I became “the pest from the Iowa prairie” as I contacted different groups who had discovered the Heartbeat Music Therapy’s impact on animals. I was impressed. It was tested by humane societies and members of the American Boarding Kennels Association. However, personal experience is always the best teacher.

Several dogs at the TLC were driving us all crazy. One poor fellow was so distraught that he would cry/bark for hours. Another one licked himself until his skin was raw.

One evening before I left the Center for the night , I turned on the CD player with the Canine Lullabies Heartbeat Music Therapy playing. I believe in miracles, and the next morning, we were met with miracles. I spent $90. on CD’s and bought 6 little portable CD players and we now are truly amazed at the effect this CD is having on our dogs. Seldom do I promote a product, but Canine Lullabies Heartbeat Music Therapy DOES calm puppies and dogs.

If you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, barks excessively, or exhibits other inappropriate behavior, I recommend trying it. For whimpering puppies, sick or injured dogs, or just hyperactive furbabies, it is a life saver. For more information go to www.caninelullabies.com or call toll free 1-800-537-7748. Actually, I would suggest going to the web site to get basic information and then call and visit with Terry…you will be glad you did!

You don’t need an expensive CD player, but be sure to get one that will repeat over and over again. There are several brands that are compact in size and can be programmed to play continually, and are available in discount stores for about $25.