With Christmas coming, it is a very common request for a child or even teen to request a “puppy” for a gift, but are you ready for life after the puppy stages? The average dog lives for a dozen years…are you ready to commit for twelve years?. Will you have a child and still have enough time to care for your dog and the baby? Will you be moving in the next 12 years. Will your next home be pet friendly?. These are just a few questions you need to consider before you decide to adopt a super sweet, totally dependent, puppy as a Christmas gift. When you get a puppy, it will pee and poop in the house. They will chew toys, carpet, anything around because they are not trained. Would you bring a newborn baby home and get angry when he has accidents? You have to expect accidents with a puppy. They cannot train themselves.. training is your responsibility. The arrival of a dog changes a household considerably…for years. Someone has to be responsible for their daily needs—feeding, exercise, health care, grooming. The decision should be thought about, talked about and negotiated, and a new dog doesn’t necessarily have to be a puppy. There are many older dogs who would make wonderful companions. Old dogs like Jake have a special sort of dignity and charm all their own, if only they are given a chance.

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the pound

Not a creature was stirring, except one lonely old hound.

His dim eyes could see the shelter was decorated in holiday trim

And poor old Jake kept waiting for a visit from Him.

All of his friends had found a new home,

Except for old Jake, all cold and alone.

But Jake knew it was Christmas, the gift-giving season;

He hoped his friends were placed for the appropriate reason.

He had seen it before, the holiday gift…

A new dog at Christmas….gave everyone a life.

But a dog isn’t a gift; it’s a lifetime commitment..

The dog that on Christmas who brought so much joy,

Ends up tossed aside, like an old worn-out toy.

The dog becomes a problem; they don’t want it around,

And often the Christmas pup ends up back in the pound.

The night grew colder, and no one came.

Who would want an old dog, all crippled and lame?.

So Jake closed his eyes and drifted to sleep

It was a good nap, all peaceful and deep.

Jake didn’t wake up that Christmas Eve night,

But he had found his new home…everything was right.

He was in his eternal home, where he was loved, he knew.

Old Jake’s Christmas wish had finally come true.