I spend my life at the end of a chain. You got me as a puppy and I misbehaved, so you tossed me outside with a doghouse and chain. You never taught me how to live in your world; yet you expect me to abide by its rules. I’m a big dog. What breed am I? Doesn’t matter. Wait: I know my breed– Chained Dog. We come in all shapes and sizes, and I’ll tell you one thing: we are not happy dogs.

I am exploding with pent up energy from never getting to run or stretch my legs, and pent up anger from living a solitary life when I’m meant to live as part of your pack. I was domesticated by humans to be a companion, a helper, but you chain me to this dog house and leave me alone. I have no life except to guard my solitary patch of dirt. If you cross into my territory despite my warnings, there is a good chance I will attack you to protect myself and the dirt, the only thing that is mine.

I bit a child today, and now they are taking me away. I am so scared, and I don’t understand what I did wrong, but I will die. Both the child and I have paid the price for your irresponsible behavior.

If you have a dog at the end of a rope, please consider the frustration, loneliness and potentially aggressive behavior that is possible, and make the adjustments necessary to allow him to be part of your family. Report to the authorities if you see a dog at risk, and educate others that dogs are not fit to be tied.