The US pet food market had a value of almost 25 BILLION dollars in 2016, and according to a market research report from the, it is anticipated to grow to 30 billion dollars by 2022. There is no doubt that knowing what to feed your dog may be one of the most confusing areas of pet care, but what you feed your dog can positively or negatively affect your dog’s health. With literally hundreds of different foods to choose from, navigating the maze of canine nutrition can be overwhelming, and Sandra Milner for AcrMax claims that the American public is being brainwashed by almost 300 manufacturers of pet food. companies.

“Sure, Cheerios has all kinds of vitamins and supplements and healthy things in it, but would anyone in their right mind think that eating dry Cheerios for every single meal for the rest of their lives is a healthy diet? Certainly not, yet somehow the big pet food companies have spent millions of dollars to convince the masses that their kibble is what you should feed your pet, despite the fact that you would be horrified at what really goes into those dry kibbles. By- products and 4D meat (meat from dead, downed, diseased and dying animals, declared unfit for humans) go into the rendering plants for dog food. And don’t be fooled, even the expensive pet foods come from major pet-food companies that buy their base stuff from rendering plants. You can do an internet search under ”rendering plant” or “undercover research of rendering plants.” With the alarming rise in rates of all kinds of pet diseases, it is obvious that many of these highly advertised foods are not the wonderfully healthy diet they would like you to believe they are. Buyer Beware! Here are some facts to consider:

  • The FDA requires that pet foods contain no harmful substances, but does NOT directly regulate the pet food industry.
  • Most commercial pet foods are made with less than human quality ingredients. Many foods contain “by-products” and ingredients that are not considered high quality.
  • Many pet foods have been sitting around for a long time before they are purchased. Check dates before purchasing. Research has indicated that many pet foods bought in stores have been sitting around for as long as 18 months!
  • Dogs and cats have the genetic potential to live 20 to 25 years, but we can rob years from their lives with poor quality food.

How do you determine the best food for your dog? First of all, do not believe the slick advertising with which you are bombarded. The green nuggets in most kibbles are NOT green vegetables. They are most likely nuggets that are dyed green….same with other colored kibble. Read the ingredient panel on your dog food bag or can, remembering that primary ingredients are listed first. A whole meat source should be listed as one of the main ingredients ….not meal or “by-products”. Whole, unprocessed grains, vegetables and other foods have the best chance of surviving the food making process with its nutrients reasonable intact. High quality dry foods should not contain generic fats as “animal fat” which can be anything from recycled grease from restaurants to a mystery mix of various fats. What do you think is in “animal digest” or “animal by-products?” Preservatives are necessary to ensure an adequate shelf life, but avoid those that use artificial preservatives like HHA, BHT, propylene glycol, and the quinoline based antioxidant , ethoxyquin….Look for foods preserved with mixed topopherols, forms of vitamin E.

Nutrition and quality are not guaranteed by price or elaborate advertising . Don’t be brainwashed by slick slogans or fancy terminology…… “Premium”, “natural”, and “gourmet” are simply marketing terms that are not regulated and are basically meaningless. While there is certainly no single answer as to the best food for an individual dog, by doing a little research, you can positively impact your dog’s health and well-being. If you are overwhelmed with confusing nutrition information (and misinformation), or have any concerns about the food you are feeding your dog, go to an independent website, where you will find unbiased ranking for all of the major dog foods. Click on BRAND and they will rate any specific food, or you can review all brands A to Z. You may be surprised to learn that many popular, HIGHLY ADVERTISED foods such as Beneful, Iams, Kibbles and Bits, Pedigree, Purina Dog Chow, and Science Diet all rank low. When you discover how different foods rank, you may conclude that you have been brainwashed, and that it’s time to switch foods. Choices abound and it is up to you to make healthy choices for the well being of your dog.