For many years I have wondered how a pair of socks could be put into the dryer, and only one sock would emerge at the end of the drying cycle. At least one sock seems to disappear with every wash, leaving a pile of lonely items that have lost their other half. There have been rumors of sock- gobbling monsters along with varied excuses such as sock thieves and old- people memory problems. Many attempts have been to solve the LOST SOCK DILEMMA, but I have a great suggestion. Don’t try to answer the question “WHY?” – just use them to make dog toys.

According to the American Pet products Association, Americans spend a combined $58 BILLION each year on their pets, confirming that owning a dog is an expensive investment. There are tons of dog toys on the market—all shapes, sizes, colors and textures, and every dog needs a good assortment of toys. However, the truth is that all dog toys can be dangerous because there is NO TOY that is totally l00% indestructible, no matter what the package claims, and most toys, however durable, don’t last very long, so creating homemade toys is a great option. Dogs love to chew on socks, and just one heavy humble sock can be transformed into a dog toy in a few minutes… Just a couple knots pulled tight, makes a more durable toy than many commercial chew toys…To add to the fun, put a squeaker inside, and supervise carefully so you can snatch the squeaker when it is chewed out.

Another simple sock toy can be made from several old socks…Except for the outer sock they can even have holes in them. Take one sock (without holes) and stuff with about a few of the other unwanted socks. Fit them so they sit comfortably, and the end result is squishy, but not lumpy. Leave the toe end intact, and cut a small slit on each side of the top of the leg end of the outside sock to make something to tie with. Tie the two sides together in a tight knot. Press down as much as you can, and tie again to prevent the knot from coming undone. (If you don’t have enough socks for stuffing, use an old shirt or unwanted underwear, etc.) To make the toy even more attractive, soak it in water, and then freeze it solid (is somewhat messy).

Commercial Crinkle bottles cost much as $12 to $15, and they are so cute that it is hard for dog lovers to resist them. However, dogs don’t care how “cute” they are or how well they are decorated. They just like the crinkle-crunch sound that they make. You can make your own for just pennies. All you need are an empty bottled water bottle and a heavy old sock. Be sure to remove the bottle cap, and the plastic ring around the cap. Place the bottle into the sock, and knot the end of the sock. The dog will love it, and when the crinkle-crunch sound is destroyed, you can replace it with another bottle… and if you want it decorated, just use a magic marker and make your own designs. You’ll have fun making it, and your dog will have fun playing with it! (REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE CAP AND THE PLASTIC RING) ENJOY!

Life is too short to fuss about mismatched socks….Just transform them into fun toys for your dog,

Be creative with your orphan socks, realizing that any toy (commercial or homemade) can be dangerous, so appropriate supervision is advised… be cautious, and use common sense! As with any toy, SAFETY FIRST!