The festive holiday lights no longer sparkle, the tree is stored or discarded, and the decorations have been put away. BRRR, it is cold outside, and as we face the prospect of several months of gray, cold, gloomy days, many of us feel the “blahs” …some of us become afflicted with the disorder, SAD. Officially, SAD is thought to be caused by a lack of bright light affecting hormonal balances, but no one seems to adequately understand this “Seasonal Affective Disorder” …it just makes us depressed, sometimes seriously depressed.

Do our dogs suffer from SAD? Probably not, but they are prone to cabin fever, and even worse for them, they cannot entertain themselves as humans do, by watching old movies or texting friends. Our TLC residents are definitely a little out of sorts…weather has not permitted their usual long healthy walks, and they have creatively tried various methods to boost themselves out of winter’s doldrums.

After spending some extra time with the canine crew, we offer these ten New Year’s resolutions from our dogs’ perspective:

  • Resolution 1: Even though it is too cold to bare my butt outdoors, I will use the pet door and go outside to do my business, as tempting as it is to just squat in my warm den. However, sometimes there are special considerations, and I may have to decide what those special considerations are. How cold is too cold?
  • Resolution 2: I will stop acting like I am starving. I‘ve got begging down to a fine art—those TLC volunteers are putty in my paws, but it has become demeaning. I will reserve the begging for worthwhile things, like Roberta’s homemade dog cookies.
  • Resolution 3: I just discovered that I am scheduled for my annual checkup, so I will try to remember that the vet and staff are just trying to help in their own, weird way, although they really know how to push my buttons with those needles. I will try to relax, so that they will start to say, “Good Dog,” and “Nice girl” instead of “get the muzzle for this one.” I won’t bite if a snarl is effective.
  • Resolution 4: I will try to introduce myself to new TLC visitors in more appropriate ways. I will focus above the waist when introducing myself because somehow, I get the feeling that my normal greeting methods offend them… something about “invading their private space.”
  • Resolution 5: I realize that all of the toys are not specifically MY toys, and will be more sharing. New squeaky toys are not included….I will do my best to keep them hidden under the covers in my bed…definitely off limits to everyone—four-legs or two-legs.
  • Resolution 6: If it is warm enough, and I get a walk, I will not roll on nasty stuff… unless it is irresistible…some things are irresistible.
  • Resolution 7: I will not chew on pens or crayons that get dropped on the floor, especially not the red ones, because the volunteers get really panicky thinking that I am hemorrhaging.
  • Resolution 8: I am going to get paw prints on a petition stating that leg humping be a juried competition in major dog shows. Humping would certainly be more productive than some of the strange things the judges expect.
  • Resolution 9: I realize that there are many chained dogs, injured animals, and lost and wandering pets who need intervention by someone who cares, and I am thankful that I have been rescued. I pray that more humans will realize that companion animals are sometimes at risk and it’s up to compassionate animal lovers to bring them to safety.
  • Resolution 10: I will continually remind myself to practice tolerance toward the two-legged ones. They need all the help they can get, and I must do my best to make life easier for them.


2015—Let’s resolve to make this the very best year ever, filled with peace, love and joy!!