The TLC has no paid employees. We depend on the support of our wonderful volunteers and people just like you!

Most people think of donations only in terms of money, but that simply is not true. We value whatever it is you can give. Now let’s get creative!


You know the phrase “money talks?” Well in our case: it WOOFs!

Your donation will help us get the items we need when we need them. You can donate via check using the address below or donate online using the PayPal option! Regardless of the option you choose, please enclose your return address so we can share our thanks (and woofs) with you!

Mail via Check:

Please make payable to: “TLC Canine Center” and mail to:

TLC Canine Center
C/O: Pauline Larsen
Box 373,
Newell, Iowa 50568

Online via Paypal:

At this time we are not accepting online donations. We hope to have this functionality restored shortly! Thanks!