“Happy Mother’s Day!”

Americans spend millions of dollars every year buying gifts for their Mothers on this special occasion, but there is an old (but true) cliche that stresses ‘actions speak louder than words.’ The founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, was vehemently opposed to the commercialization of the holiday, but she certainly approved of random acts of kindness to express thankfulness to Moms. It doesn’t cost much to pamper her a little bit on her day, just as she pampers you all year round. Almost every mother would love a “Services Coupon Book.” There are many chores around the house that she would appreciate help with (Just be sure that you honor your promises when she decides to use a coupon).

While honoring our own moms, let’s speak out about the plight of mothers of a different species: dogs who spend their entire lives caged and neglected in puppy mills—mother dogs who are forced over and over again to produce puppies under conditions of unimaginable cruelty. Google the words, “Puppies for sale” and you will get MILLIONs of hits back, and although some of those listings are legitimate and caring breeders, the majority of the listings link to digital venues for puppy mills that use the internet to peddle their “products.” Using sophisticated, convincing tactics, they reach people who are totally unaware of the actual living conditions where little or no consideration is given for genetic defects, or the health and well-being of the mass produced animals. Documentation of puppy mills across the country reveals dogs living in rows of filthy wire cages in dilapidated facilities where the dogs lack adequate food, veterinary care, sanitation, and human interaction. The breeders’ goal? Make money!!! As we think “Happy Mother’s Day, it is important to become involved in the effort to shut down these places that certainly do not have a happy mother’s day or any other day.

  • Never buy a puppy over the Internet or from a pet store. Almost all puppies sold in pet stores are puppy mill dogs, regardless of what the store claims.
  • Use extreme caution with classified ads. INSIST on seeing where the adult dogs and puppies live—do not meet the seller at another location. And if you can’t see the mother and her living conditions, don’t walk away – RUN!
  • Consider adoption from a rescue organization or search carefully for responsible breeders.
  • Support legislation that regulates and reduces breeding of animals. Involve yourself in the legislative process to promote laws that make live better for our four-footed companions.
  • Remember: puppy mills will continue to thrive until people stop buying puppy mill dogs. Use every opportunity to educate people with the facts.
  • Mothers always have great advice, and here are a few reminders for dealing with both humans and canines (on Mother’s Day and Every Day!):
  • Every day is a new day. The opportunity to make a new start. Wipe the slate clean; begin anew.
  • Stand up for justice and practice compassion. One of the most powerful things we can do is to spread compassion toward both humans and animals. Let’s use our power!