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  • What We Do

    Providing an Innovative New Standard of Care to Dogs in Need is Our Passion.

    Rescuing dogs in need throughout the midwest.

    All About the TLC

    The TLC is a labor of love that began in 1999. Pauline wondered why someone didn't do something about all of the homeless and abused animals. Then she realized that she was that someone. Today, the efforts of the TLC are expanding throughout the Midwest, encompassing Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska and beyond.

    Puppy Mill Rescue

    Puppy Mills

    Rescue and Rehabilitation

    Pauline, Julie and Lori have rescued thousands of dogs from puppy mills in the Midwest. The tragedy is nearly unbearable, but the reward is to see health and spirits restored and for the dogs to know happiness and love for the first time in their lives. Each puppy mill dog rescued receives extensive medical care and emotional rehabilitation.

    dogs for adoption in Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska.


    Finding the right homes for the TLC dogs is a combination of art and science. There are requirements that new adopters must meet, but most often it is a chat about the needs of the dog and the needs of the family that makes all the difference. We know the dogs and we get to know you so that we can make sure that you and the dog are happy together, forever.

    Fighting animal abuse, cruelty and puppy mills through grassroots and legislative efforts.


    Fighting for Justice

    We don't just wish that someone would do something about puppy mills, animal abuse, cruelty and dog fighting rings. We advocate and rally our forces of supporters to fight for better laws, stricter sentencing and justice for the innocent dogs who have no voice. We are their voice. Join our list by entering your info at the top of the page to make your voice heard for the dogs.

    Providing hospice care for dogs with medical or behavioral issues.

    Hospice Care

    Making Every Moment Count

    The TLC takes in dogs who are in too fragile of a physical or emotional state to be placed for adoption. They spend their remaining days with us in foster homes where they are loved, cherished and allowed peace and dignity. All of their needs are provided for by the TLC . Whether terminally ill or emotionally devastated, they are loved, unconditionally.

    Rescuing dogs from native american reservations in Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska.

    Reservation Dog Rescue

    Saving Dogs from Certain Death

    The atrocity of 'round ups' on Native American reservations is a horror. Due to lack of education about animal welfare, very little access to low cost spay/neuter, and feral dogs packs running wild, mass killings happen frequently on many reservations. Dogs are rounded up, shot and their bodies dumped in mass graves. We work to rescue as many as possible from this unthinkable fate.

    Providing temporary housing for dogs whose owners suffer accute mental illness crisis.

    Alternatives to Intake

    Helping Mentally Ill Owners in Crisis

    Many mentally ill people function well for the majority of their lives, but occasionally have an acute crisis requiring hospitalization. Often they have been abandoned by their family and friends. Their pets are their main source of joy in life, their only spiritual contact with another living being who returns unconditional love, and often their only reason for living. In times of crisis we provide a temporary haven so that owners can be reunited with their pets.

    Providing temporary housing for dogs of people fleeing domestic violence.

    Domestic Violence Assistance

    Helping to Save Victims and their Pets

    Victims of domestic abuse are often reluctant to leave their abusers because most domestic violence shelters do not take pets. The victims know that if they leave their pet behind, that pet will face drastic abuse and possibly even death. They would rather risk their own life by staying than to leave their pets behind. We provided temporary shelter for pets of persons fleeing domestic violence situations so that they can be reunited with their pets when it is safe.


    Providing housing for dogs whose owners are temporarily homeless so that they can be reunited.

    Temporary Homelessness

    Keeping People and Pets Together

    Many people experience homelessness. It is a dark moment when they have to give up everything. Giving up their four-legged family member is often the most cruel part. Staying together on the streets or in a car quickly becomes too dangerous. Most shelters don't allow pets, but without shelters people don't receive needed resources to recover. We provide temporary housing for pets whose people are homeless, allowing the people to concentrate on finding jobs and housing.


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